ActivateYYC is a micro grant program offering businesses, not-for-profits and individuals to engage their neighbourhoods using temporary, cheap and cheerful initiatives that transform space into place, promote movement, safety, and neighbourliness.  This program is a partnership between the City of Calgary and the Federation of Calgary Communities, first launched in May 2017. 

ActivateYYC started as a tactical urbanism microgrant initiative by the Federation of Calgary Communities. The Federation of Calgary Communities (or ‘The Federation’ for short) aims to support volunteer-driven, tactical urbanism projects that engage the community and create meaningful changes to shared spaces. Communities and residents are invited to reimagine spaces across Calgary as places of greater activity and connectivity. Our passion to see this unfold in our City has quadrupled in the midst of the Pandemic. 

ActivateYYC seeks to provide microgrants to individuals and organizations whose projects fit one of the three streams offered in 2023: Wayfinding, Parades and Activated Spaces, Bump Outs and Parklets, and Large Public Spaces. Candidates can go over our requirements and submit their applications through the forms on each stream’s page.