Application period for 2019 has ended.



  • Sustainable Calgary’s #ReimagineCatwalks Playbook follows the same phases as the ActivateYYC grant. Looking for some inspiration and direction? Check out the tools included for DREAM, SCHEME, and ACTIVATE.
  • Get a better idea of Calgary’s pathways with this map.
  • Want to bring lighting into your project plan? Solar powered lanterns and string lights are great, but if you’re looking for something with a bit more practicality check out Enmax’s Bright Nights program.
  • Looking to include an art component in your ACTIVATE plan? Check out the City of Calgary’s Artist Roster.
  • Not sure where to get paint? Federation members are eligible for a discount from Cloverdale Paint.
  • Looking for inspiration and ideas? Click here.

Guidelines and FAQ


  • All projects must be open and inclusive to the entire neighbourhood/community
  • We are only accepting projects that will activate a shortcut, catwalk, maze, or mews
  • Projects can be any size – big or small
  • Applicants must submit an ActivateYYC application and be approved by the judging committee BEFORE the project starts to be eligible for reimbursement funding


How is this second iteration of ActivateYYC different from the first? ActivateYYC has learned from the first iteration, and is now focusing in on pedestrian connections, as well as using a three-phase process. We are excited to be offering further support to applicants and grant recipients through the ActivateYYC team’s time and resources. This round is better able to meet people where they are and help them activate public space in their neighbourhoods! You can no longer claim funding for events, only activations of shortcuts, catwalks, mazes, and mews are eligible for funding. As well, individuals and groups of residents can now apply for funding without a partner organization and be supported by the ActivateYYC team!

How do I know if my idea is a fit? Your idea is a perfect fit if it improves walkability, connectivity, and activity. Your idea should turn space into place.

Why get support from the ActivateYYC team? During the application process, the ActivateYYC Coordinator can help you with all the details! During each of the phases, you can request the support of an ActivateYYC team member. With backgrounds in design, planning, and facilitation, if you need support in these areas, you can request it in your application. Having team support is a necessity if you don’t have liability insurance on your own (ie. individuals or groups of residents).

When is the application deadline? Applications will be accepted on a continuous basis, with judging taking place (at least) once a month. Keep in mind, all funding must be distributed by the end of the year, so start sooner than later!

How much funding is available? Grants will be a maximum of $1600, depending on project requirements. Phase 1 – $200 maximum Phase 2 – $500 maximum Phase 3 – $900 maximum Unused funds will be rolled into the next phase. (ie. if you request $100 for Phase 1 and $100 for Phase 2, there would be $1400 available to you for Phase 3). Keep in mind, there is only funding for approximately 15 projects in 2019 and a limited number of projects will be accepted per ward.

How will my team/organization receive our funding once approved? Grants are on a reimbursement basis only. You must complete your project phase and complete a feedback form with proof of expenses before you will receive the funds. Proof of expenses means an itemized invoice or receipt showing the details of what was purchased along with proof of payment. A debit or credit card proof of transaction is not enough. Proof of payment can be a cheque stub or credit/debit card receipt or detailed bank statement. If cash was used please contact us to find out what is required. Volunteer time cannot be claimed, but hired professionals (artists, horticulturalists, landscapers, etc.) may be eligible for an honorarium. ActivateYYC grant money cannot be used to purchase assets (any item over $500 and has a lifespan of over 1 year i.e. laptop) – meaning a resource that an individual or organization owns with the expectation that it will provide a future benefit. ActivateYYC grant money can only be used for the project submitted. The grant money cannot be used for any subsequent activities following your project or event that were not originally approved. Any changes to the event/project must be approved by the project coordinator prior to your event.

When will I find out if my project was approved? Applicants will be submitted for judging once a week. Following selection decisions, you will receive an email from the ActivateYYC Coordinator letting you know whether your application was chosen for funding or not.

Judging Criteria

The committee is made up of representatives from The Federation of Calgary, Sustainable Calgary, The Calgary Foundation, and the City of Calgary. Grants will be pre-screened and sorted for judging by the ActivateYYC Coordinator. All applications will be assessed based on impact and effort. Think in terms of:

  • involving as many people and partners as possible
  • developing thoughtful, thorough plans
  • creating meaningful change