Frequently Asked Questions...

How does reimbursement work?

When your project is complete, you will be sent a link to complete a final report where you will have the opportunity to add all of your receipts, banking info, and photos of your project. Your reimbursement will be processed at the end of the month in which the Federation receives your final report, and repayment will happen the first week of the following month (i.e. report is submitted mid-June, payment transfer will be sent first week of July).

Are ActivateYYC grants matching grants?

You do not need matching funds to apply — this grant can fund the entirety of your project. However, we love to see folks leverage this grant to get more funding to contribute to a bigger project!

Can I apply for more than one grant, or for multiple projects?

In order to fairly distribute grants across organizations and communities, we limit every group to one grant per calendar year. There are no restrictions for applying in consecutive years, choosing one project at a time can often help ensure the best quality outcome of a project (i.e. one project per summer).

Do I need city permits for my project?

Many projects do require city permitting for things like traffic calming or installing semi-permanent signage in a park, when permits are required, the ActivateYYC team will help you through the process and ensure that your timelines can be met when at all possible. It is important to note that ActivateYYC cannot submit permits on your groups behalf, as it is important the city has the project organizer’s contact for project related communication.

Do I have to be a part of a community association to apply?

There is no need to be a part of your community association to apply for an ActivateYYC grant.  We ask that each application be associated with a group/organization/non-for-profit/business that might be able to assist in your projects higher level needs (i.e. liability insurance, etc.) but it all depends on the project. If you are an individual with a great idea, but lack a group/organization to make it happen, shoot us a message and we are more than happy to find you some amazing connections within our network.   

What kind of projects do ActivateYYC fund?

Any project that improves the public realm qualifies. In other words, if you are trying to do something good for your neighbourhood, we can help make it happen. Projects normally involve the addition of infrastructure and/or amenities such as murals, recreation, signage, seating, lights, etc.

Does ActivateYYC fund events?

Unfortunately ActivateYYC cannot contribute funds towards community events such as pancake breakfasts or BBQ’s, there must be an element of the addition of semi-permanent infrastructure in order to qualify. For example, we can fund a community mural project (i.e. artist fees, paint, paint brushes) but we cannot fund the mural grand opening event (i.e. hot dogs, DJ, drinks, entertainment).

Have a question not answered above? Shoot us a note and we'd be happy to help.