KPC Legacy Project

KPC Legacy Project

In collaboration with the Killarney Parent Fundraising Society, we painted the stairway entry to the Killarney School grounds with rainbow colours and inspiring words that represent core Montessori values. Maria Montessori is the namesake of Montessori education and its creator and the work of Maria Montessori continues to motivate people to change the world for the better and has impacted the lives of children and teachers for more than 110 years. A pathway was also painted between different school entrances that feature an inviting ‘silly walk.’ These components were part of a larger project that aimed to beautify the outdoor area and make it more appealing.


With 10 volunteers and 20 participants, this project costed $1,000 but has sparked the continuation of this project on a larger scale.  Several community members are eager to get involved in the project as it moves forward. This is really exciting – not only because of more hands-on deck – but also because it demonstrates the power of how community projects like

these truly do bring people together who may not have otherwise been connected!

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