Featured Projects

These projects showcase the most impactful and inspiring ActivateYYC projects, all led by Calgarians like you! If you’re looking for inspiration to help beautify your neighbourhood, look no further. From murals to paint the pavement, and everything in between, placemaking can drastically change a community for the better. The sky is the limit!

Archived Projects ('17-'23)

ActivateYYC was initiated in 2017 and has since funded over 100 installations, events, amenities, and public infrastructure projects, all led by citizens and community members. Find a project in your community, or look back at past projects for inspiration as you track down your own ‘space to place’ transformation.

ActivateYYC Projects Map

The ActivateYYC projects map allows you to visualize the geographic impact that placemaking has had on our city. Find a project in your community, or if there is yet to be a project, use this map to find inspiration from nearby neighbourhoods!