Brentwood Art Walk

Brentwood Art Walk

Brentwood Community Association created and promoted an interactive Google art walk map that features the new walkway murals, existing art sites and other points of interest in Brentwood. There is a printed version and an aluminum version of the walkway map in the works as well. An Art Walk Festival Event was hosted to distribute walkway maps, showcase the artists and encourage walking.


Some welcomed surprises were that suppliers actually donated products or sold them at discounted prices and art stores donated all kinds of prizes for the art walk. Many artists contributed their time and talent in return for the joy of the work. A local Co-op even provided free fruit and cookie snacks for the Art Walk Event! The community came together and were willing to lend pop up tents, tables, chairs and one Brentwood resident even came forward to create a Art Walk “artistic” map as a donation, which was significant to the project as a $700 honorarium had originally been budgeted for this massive task. This freed up budget to purchase enough solar lighting to light the 10 walkways that have the murals.


With 13 volunteers, 300 participants and an overall cost of $2,960.97, this community art walk became a massive success, even in the wake of COVID-19. Despite having to postpone the event due to restrictions, turnout was amazing and the Brentwood community continues to thrive with a tight-knit community of residents.

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