Creating Coventry Unveiling Event

Vivo for Healthier Generations, in partnership with Northern Hills Community Association, North Calgary Cultural Association and Manifest Church, hosted the Creating Coventry Unveiling Event on Sunday, May 6. The Creating Coventry Unveiling started off with a picnic in the Coventry Community Gardens and included games, treats and sharing the Creating Coventry Findings. The picnic attracted around 60 people, which was more than the organizers expected. Afterwards, everyone was invited to join the 5km Jane’s Walk, which highlighted the various projects happening around Coventry.

Many people were surprised when they found out about the different projects happening in their neighbourhood. The Creating Coventry Unveiling event provided an opportunity for the participants to learn about what was happening in the community, ask questions, mingle with other guests and meet the Ward 3 Councillor, Jyoti Gondek. This event didn’t require a City of Calgary Permit, so the $750 ActivateYYC grant was used towards the picnic and walk. The organisers were able to raise other donations and funding to help cover the costs of the event.