Tennis Fun Day - Bucket of Balls

Temple Community Association was on the ball this spring, hosting two tennis workshop days for residents. The first event, Tennis Fun Day – Bucket of Balls, was a success because it attracted 24 participants despite the howling wind. Participants were given a tennis racquet and a bucket of balls and were encouraged to practice freely on the courts. Event number two, Community Coaching Clinic, proved to be an even bigger success because more people showed up even though it was a day filled with on-and-off rain. This event was led by an instructor from Osten & Victor Alberta Tennis Centre, so it was more structured than the first event.

Tennis proved to be a sport of interest in Temple, as many people were wondering when the next tennis clinic was going to be held. Since the clinics were held on the community association’s land, no City of Calgary permits were needed. The organizers were able to use the full $750 from the ActivateYYC grant to ensure all the equipment was ready for both events as well as having a coach for the second clinic.