Seniors Horticultural Talk and Luncheon

It was a walk down memory lane at the Kingsland Seniors Horticultural Talk and Luncheon on May 5. This indoor event was the perfect opportunity to teach seniors about annual plants; however, conversation of plants turned into conversations of reminiscing. One guest shared a story about buying donuts from Em’s bakery, an old bakery in the community that’s been closed for over 30 years now. The conversation didn’t stop there, as many guests used the horticultural talk as an opportunity to catch up with old friends.

Kingsland hosts an annual Seniors Christmas Dinner, and received feedback that another seniors event was desired. To pull off a second seniors event, Kingsland used the $750 ActivateYYC grant to fund a speaker from the Calgary Horticultural Society, purchase plants, seeds and create gift bags which included basic gardening tools for all 54 people that attended the event.  Of course, the organizers knew the talk and luncheon was a success because they received hand-written thank-you notes and requests for another event. Funds from TD Park People were also used to help pay for this event. The event was held at the Kingsland Community Hall, so no City of Calgary permits were needed.