Bee Box Building Workshop

April is usually the month when Calgarians start to feel the warm spring weather embrace the city, and nothing says spring-time quite like bugs, especially bumblebees! Rosedale Community Association thought so too and decided to team up with the Alberta Native Bee Council to host a Bee Box Building Workshop. Attracting around 80 people, the workshop included an educational presentation – there was a lot to learn as there are over 300 species of bees in Alberta – and assistance building bee boxes. The event also brought out 13 Boy Scouts, who were able to get their conservation badges through building the bee boxes. As a keepsake, all builders were able to keep their boxes and even register them with the Alberta Native Bee Council.

No permits were needed to host the workshop, as it was hosted at the community association. So, the $750 provided by ActivateYYC was put towards the materials needed to build the bee boxes and to host the workshop. If the bee boxes were to be placed on private land, no permit would be needed; however, a permit would be needed if an individual wanted to place a bee box on public land.