The Partners in Place: Community Powwow

The Partners in Place: Community Powwow perfectly defines what it means to walk, play and be neighbourly.  On April 19, 2018 Connect Charter School (Connect) teamed up with TsuuT’ina Education Department (TsuuT’ina), Mount Royal University (MRU), Lakeview Community Association (LCA), and the Outdoor Council of Canada to host a community Powwow. A partnership between these organizations will help foster a positive environment for the students of Connect and TsuuT’ina. The organizers hosted the Powwow to help build connections and provide an informative and inclusive celebration of culture and tradition.

The event kicked off with grade seven students from Connect meeting up with grade three and four students from TsuuT’ina to walk over to MRU, where the festivities began. Speakers and Elders shared their knowledge, while TsuuT’ina dancers, drummers and singers performed in front of over 1,000 attendees. When the last song of the Powwow was played, all attendees were encouraged to join and dance together as one.

The ActivateYYC grant was used towards the purchase of flags for the walk to MRU and for the Powwow grand entry. The organizers were also awarded funds from the Calgary Foundation which helped to cover other costs. No permits were needed.