Bridgeland Riverside’s La Passegiatta

During an evening in September, La Passegiatta – an evening stroll in the Italian tradition – brought neighbours together for a leisurely and social walk through Bridgeland. Starting at the Italian Center and making its way to the main Plaza in Bridgeland, La Passegiatta activities included a lantern-lit walk, Italian dancers, grape stomping and bocce. A fantastic turnout of around 300 people gathered to celebrate the area’s Italian roots, while also engaging with their neighbours! Residents – both young and old – hope to see this become a regular tradition in Bridgeland.

Since this project happened on public streets, Bridgeland Riverside had to communicate with the City about street use and bylaws permits, which took much more time, money and effort than expected. After having navigated the City approvals process, they obtained a noise bylaw permit and rented a public space, using the $750.00 they received from ActivateYYC, as well as $1000.00 of donations in kind. While dealing with the City was considered an obstacle, the residents of Bridgeland-Riverside now have the knowledge of how to do this project again next year!