Chalk the Walks Bowness

Chalk the Walks Bowness was a great example of a quick, low-cost and fun ActivateYYC project put on by the Boys and Girls Club of Calgary. Several youth from the Bowness area gathered to spread kindness and positivity by writing encouraging messages on the sidewalks in Bowness. In doing so, the youth walked and interacted as a group, and positively impacted their community and public spaces. Multiple community members stopped and told the group they loved what they were doing, and that they wished there were more efforts to spread kindness in the area. It made the youth very proud to have accomplished something small that made someone’s day better!

Chalk the Walks Bowness didn’t require any City permits, but The Boys and Girls Club communicated with the City when planning the project to make sure that sidewalk chalk wasn’t considered graffiti. After talking with Bylaws, Chalk the Walks was given the green light to go ahead with their project. Using the $300.00 ActivateYYC microgrant, they were able to provide all the necessary supplies to spread positive message throughout Bowness!