Culture Shock

In celebration of Alberta Culture Days, Antyx Community Arts wanted to create a space where youth dancers could express themselves while interacting with the larger community. After hearing about ActivateYYC, the Antyx team created an idea for an open, free “Culture Shock” event, where dancers and passerby alike could experience the culture of dance. After successfully receiving $750 from ActivateYYC – as well as an Income Northern Lights grant, a Strong Neighbourhood grant  and donations of sound equipment and tables and chairs – the applicants set about creating their project at the end of September.

Around 55 dancers participated in the Culture Shock dance event, and over 200 spectators stopped to watch. The dance floor created an opportunity for intimate experiences between participants and spectators as it was open for anyone to join. This experience allowed youth to connect to one another and get to know their community more. Overall, Culture Shock was able to create an environment where people could connect, dance, play and create community among each other.

Since Culture Shock received approval from Canada150, no permits or licenses were needed from the City of Calgary for this event. The City of Calgary supports Antyx Community Arts through the Family & Community Support Services, which allows Antyx to collaborate with youth individuals through their “Youth Voices” team to create events.