Crokinole and curling are two of Canada’s favourite pastimes – but have you ever seen these two vastly different games combined into one sport? In January, Acadia Community Association set out to accomplish this goal, by creating Alberta’s first ever Crokicurl rink! The game involves throwing weighted bleach jugs into different scoring rings on the ice, while also trying to knock your opponents’ bleach jugs out of scoring position. This unique and innovative ActivateYYC project transforms a winter space into a community play space and gathering area,

To unveil the new Crokicurl game, Acadia hosted an opening ceremony, which brought 125 people from the surrounding neighbourhood and other communities together. The creators of the project said that one of their favourite stories from their ActivateYYC project is seeing just how many people were willing to come out in the winter and engage with other people!=

The Crokicurl project was accomplished using $850 from ActivateYYC, as well as additional funds raised by the community association and donated building materials from neighbourhod sponsors. The project occurring on private land meant that City permits were not needed, except for when the community association inquired about a possible fire pit.