Dover Community Association’s Neighbour Day Event

The Dover Community Association’s Neighbour Day Event highlighted a new aspect of the community, the Twin Views Communal Garden. The event was hosted on June 16 and the day ended up being rainy, but on the bright side rain is great for the garden! This event was held to inform residents on the wonderful benefits of the garden, like socializing and actively gardening together. Along with highlighting the garden, the event also included a lunch, children’s activities, a live performance and garden-themed presentations. The attendees saw presentations on pond/water gardens, beekeeping and salsa preparation.

This event was held on the Dover Community Association land, so no permits were needed. The $750 ActivateYYC grant was used towards the entire event. The funds made sure all 120 attendees had a great time eating lunch with neighbours, winning awesome door prizes, and listening to the presentations and live music.