Explore Hidden Valley

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in May 2018, the residents of Hidden Valley were on the hunt! What were they hunting for? Well, they were looking for the small treasure bundles that were part of the Explore Hidden Valley scavenger hunt, put on by the Hidden Valley Community Association (HVCA). The organizers were nervous at first, but when around 120 residents showed up to be part of the hunt their nerves faded away. The participants were provided with a list of GPS coordinates that led them out exploring around the entire neighbourhood. All the little treasures that were found followed one simple rule: finders keepers. Being able to keep the treasure put smiles on the faces on children, while being able to explore different areas of the neighbourhood impressed the adults; making this a great family event. One participant excitedly expressed how the scavenger hunt had taken her to parts of the neighbourhood that she had never been to before.

HVCA used its own location for the event, meaning no City of Calgary permits were required. This event only required the $750 ActivateYYC grant, making it a major success! No other funds needed to be raised.