Mid Sun Community Garden Art in the Garden

On September 23, Mid Sun Community Association hosted local artists to showcase their work, and invited community neighbours and gardeners to experience a morning art show in the garden. The event – which used $750 from ActivateYYC plus $100 from the community garden funds – included displays, creation of art “on the spot”, a kids interactive art table and face painting. Neighbours chatted while munching on desserts and refreshments, while garden tours and orientations were given! Gardeners were invited to share plants and consider their participation next year.

Around 50 people attended this wonderful fall art show, which aimed to make people experience an outdoor garden in a different way. The Mid Sun organizers’ favourite experience from their ActivateYYC event was seeing the artists and their neighbours talk with one another about their shared love of creating something. Some attendees left the event wanting to do “art” again, either through a formal course or by experimenting with art supplies.

The Art in the Garden event did not require any City permits to happen, but the event plan was still checked through the CA which follows city guidelines carefully. Because the City has allowed the garden to exist, Mid Sun is able to host events in this public space beside the community hall.