Small Dog Day Afternoon

Riverbend Community Association knows people love their dogs, and enjoy meeting new furry friends as well. However, small dogs can sometimes have a hard time meeting and playing with others because of their size difference. To address this, a Riverbend resident came up with the idea of a Small Dog Day Afternoon, where residents could bring their small dogs to the rink in Riverbend to play in a safe and welcoming area. After applying for ActivateYYC, the Riverbend Community Association was successfully granted $750 for their event.

Around 40-45 people attended with their dogs, and most attendees walked to the rink. Neighbors met, told stories and celebrated their petite pups. By tapping into a common interest, this ActivateYYC project was able to achieve an event that brought young and old residents together to interact with their neighbours. As this event occurred within Riverbend’s outdoor rink, no permits or licenses were required from the City.