Tool Library

Near the end of the summer of 2017, Canyon Meadows Community Association constructed a community tool shed and tool library – similar to Bridgeland-Riverside’s—where residents could gather to share tips and tools with each other. To help furnish the shed and keep the tools secure, Canyon Meadows applied to ActivateYYC and was granted $750 to purchase a wire mesh cage with shelving and locks. This was put in the new tool shed to hold tools for the tool library. Two volunteers helped to put the cage together ahead of the grand opening of the tool library.

The creators of the tool library said that this ActivateYYC project was exciting as they watched the library form and saw ideas come together. To complete this ActivateYYC project, no permits or licenses were needed from the City of Calgary, but Canyon Meadows is currently looking into a partnership with the Calgary Tool Library.