Walk and Roll with the Bow Cliff Seniors

As a community-based organization, the Bow Cliff Seniors focus on listening to their audience. So when they began to notice an interest in activity-based programs from older adults, the Bow Cliff Seniors wanted to create something new in response. After being recommended to ActivateYYC by their NPC and submitting an application to purchase walking poles, the organization successfully received an $800 microgrant,

Since purchasing the walking pole equipment in early September, Bow Cliff has begun regular scheduled classes using the urban poles for walking activities. Around 20 people participated when the program was first unveiled, but it is expected a much larger group will join in the spring. A diverse group of seniors from different ages and backgrounds came out to not only walk, but also meet and socialize with one another. The creators of this ActivateYYC project said one of their favourite scenes from this project was seeing the seniors smile as they realized how far they could walk with the poles and how much improved exercise they were getting.