Active Transportation Speed Date Night & Strategy Planning Session

To introduce their newly created Active Transportation Strategy, Canada Bikes organized an ActivateYYC ‘Speed Date Night,’ where interested people could attend and quickly network with others about what each group was doing within their own field. This rapid type of conversation allowed people to see how their efforts overlapped with the work of other groups. Canada Bikes also held a Strategy Planning Session, where obstacles to the Activate Transportation Strategy were highlighted, and attendees brainstormed how to push government to help fix these issues. Overall, the two events were well received, with around 63 people attending – which even included some people from the United States. Collaborating, planning and learning from each other were big parts of both events!

To accomplish this event, Canada Bikes used a $500 microgrant from ActivateYYC, plus a donation of the event space and the facilitator’s time. The City of Calgary acted as a collaborator and supporter on this ActivateYYC project by participating in the Strategy Planning Session and donating one of the event spaces.